The Bruins are BACK for 2010-2011!!

Hello Bruin tennis fanatics!!! Team Manager Barry Goldenberg here, back for one more year of bloggin’ on Bruin tennis! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and that life has been treating all you well since the Bruins’ NCAA tournament run.

My how time flies, right? In what seems like yesterday, I typed my final blog from Athens, Georgia following the Bruins’ Quarterfinal loss to Virginia at the NCAA Championships. And now, I’m here sitting in the team room, staring at former UCLA greats waiting for Coach Martin and the team to sit down in the team room for our inaugural season meeting.

It’s going to be am exciting year!! After losing some great Bruin players–Matt Brooklyn and Haythem Abid–to graduation, this years team will be remarkably different than last year’s team. Leading the team will be a pair of Seniors Nick Meister and Amit Inbar, who will both have to set the standard for a group of talented, but fresh new faces.

Anyway, I’ll give a rundown of the team sometime soon but I just wanted to poke my head in and shout at the top of my lungs WELCOME BACK to the Bruin fans out there! With a new year brings much anticipation, excitement and hope and as I enter my own final year as manager, am as stoked and pumped for another year of UCLA tennis!

As for this blog, keep checking back for exciting things! The blog turned into a great way for everyone to stay in touch with the team during the NCAA Championship last year as I plan on keeping you up to date the whole year–with practice updates, match highlights, and pictures from our roadtrips. In addition, I plan on including more pictures and video from this year on the website. So cheers to a new year of UCLA tennis! I’m excited to have you all along for the ride! Go BRUINS!!!

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2 Comments on “The Bruins are BACK for 2010-2011!!”

  1. Tracy Says:

    WELCOME BACK, BARRY! Thanks for returning with such enthusiasm because it’s got me PUMPED. Looking forward to all the excitement and tennis. Best of luck to the team and everyone. I can’t wait!!!

  2. Emily W. Says:

    Hi Barry! (: I can’t wait to follow the UCLA Men’s team again! Looking forward to this year! (: GO BRUINS!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

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