“That’s all she wrote….” Bruins fall 4-2 to Virginia

Hey Bruin Nation,

Well, I wish I was sitting at my computer and typing better news but unfortunately the tennis gods said it was not to be. You know, I thought about what I should say and the million emotions going through my head right now. Unfortunately, nothing seems to justice. I do apologize for blogging now even though the match ended a few hours ago.

It’s definitely disappointing; I mean, we were right there! We had opportunities and it was a great college match in a great college atmosphere. When Nick and Amit came back to clinch doubles, it was amazing and absolutely insane. I felt good and I believe that is one of the first times (if not THE first) Virginia has lost doubles all year. There was a fire in everyone’s eyes, including mine. I was dripping sweat, partially from the heat, and partially because I was so into the match!

But singles started off rough and that momentum, unlike in Stanford, did not carry over. Nick was losing in the first as was Abid. And Max was down early in the the first set two and Amit got broken late in the first. I mean, things were really, really looking bad. I didn’t know how we were going to pull this one. The only positive was Holden, who rolled in the first.

And then, all of a sudden, things changed; that’s college tennis for you! I mean, like a sudden wave that went across all the courts. Nick was fighting well in the first, Abid won the second set, Matt won the first set, Amit was fighting well in the second and had some fans behind him, Holden won the first set easily and Max came back from down a break to winning the set 7-5. Remember, we only needed 3 singles win because our the doubles point.

And then I was thinking to myself that we were in such great shape and definitely will win this! Funny how things change, right? Because once again, suddenly, things looked grim. It was just that kind of match. Not close all the way through but different roller coasters of momentum.

Nick lost the second set and the match, tying the match at 1-1. Max was losing badly in the second set, Holden was down a break, and a little later, Amit lost the match as well, giving UVA a 2-1 lead. Only Matt was ahead (and playing incredible I might add). And that was the momentum that the match ended; with Abid losing the third set 6-1 (it was at a critical game as 1-2 where he got broken in a long deuce game) and UVA taking a 3-1 lead, they were firmly in control. While Matt ended his Bruin career with an awesome win to edge us closer at 3-2, it came down to Max and Holden and mostly Max, as he started the third set down 3-0 and it was only inevitable before the Cavaliers rushed the court in victory.

So that was how the match went. Unfortunately, it is of course beyond disappointing. There is no doubt in any of our minds that we COULD of won that match as there were definitely opportunities. But that’s always how it is in close matches like this. Heck, Stanford could say the same thing about our match a few days before. It was right there for us and we lost in a great college match. Do I think we could of won? Of course, any one who watched it knows the match was very, very close. But we got beat and that’s sports. That’s life.

It was a wonderful trip to Athens and great time. It’s tough leaving on such a sour note, but I am proud of each and every one of our players. Despite the loss, they each gave it their all and played their heart out. That’s all you can ask for. It’s always an honor to wear the four letters “UCLA” on my shirt and this match still brings out the pride that I have as a Bruin. For me, I came up short–again. 3 close losses at NCAA’s hurts, but you know, what can I do? I had a great time and it is important to put it all in perspective.

We came here to compete and we did that. There is a giant stab in my heart with that loss, but there is nothing left to do now. I want to congratulate Matt, Abid, and Kallim on wonderful college careers. They have NOTHING to be ashamed of. And it is a great way for Matt to go out on top like that. I regret not being able to give them a Ring to end their careers but they should all be proud of what they have accomplished and will each be greatly missed. It has been an HONOR being their teammates and wish them the best of luck in the future.

More than anything, thank you all for checking this blog and more importantly, supporting the Bruins. It means the world to the guys and especially to me. I bleed Blue and Gold and while I would do ANYTHING to be playing for this team, I have the amazing opportunity to work with the greatest players–and people–in college tennis. Thank you all for allowing me express my excitement and wonder during this entire tournament. I wish I could of blogged a National Championship post for Bruin Nation, but it was not meant to be.  Thank you all again for your support, it has been one hell of a ride!

Signing off one last time from my blog, GO BRUINS!

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11 Comments on ““That’s all she wrote….” Bruins fall 4-2 to Virginia”

  1. Jay Says:

    Barry thank you for the blog i read every article. Great season and best of luck next year!

  2. hs Says:

    Great blog, huge heartbreak. I went to sleep happy after the doubles victory, but woke up this morning to the loss. But honestly, it was not as painful as last year, that was the toughest loss ever and I’m not even a tennis fan. Thanks for putting so much passion into the blog, I definitely got it 6000 miles away.

  3. CIndy Says:

    I loved reading your blog. Thanks for the updates and great photos.
    You’ve made a Bruins tennis fan out of us!

  4. champ Says:


    I have one thing to say to you. I follow UCLA and I wish you all the best, but at the same time I have to be honest with you. You will not win another championship until you become more physical, and prepare better for the NCAAs. I feel like every year you have a chance to win it all but your players are too weak to last 4 matches ina row…..
    Everybody knows that UCLA is talented but soft.

    good luck next year

  5. Emily W. Says:

    Hey Barry,

    Thanks so much for having such a blog. It was a terrific read. I thoroughly enjoyed every single blog post that was written up here. You are so dedicated to the team and we all appreciate you for what you’ve done, Barry. Thanks so much for keeping fans who weren’t able to go to Athens updated on the match.

    Great season, my heart goes out to the guys, and next season is always the start to a new beginning. One chapter of the story has ended, another has started. GO BRUINS!


  6. Mike Says:

    I feel the heartbreak from all the way down here. I just wanted to say great effort bruins. I know it hurts but the NCAAs will still be some of your greatest memories because of what it means and becuase of what you and your teammates put into it, I know it is for me.
    Also, thanks for your effort in this great blog Barry, I read every article.

  7. Bruins Fan Says:

    Thanks Barry for the blog, and thanks to the entire UCLA Tennis Team for giving us fans something to cheer for. I am proud to be a Bruins Fan.

  8. Mike Says:

    Thanks for your entertaining blog. I do have a question about the lineup if you would please answer. Why was Max playing instead of Kalim. In retrospect, I wonder if it would have changed the outcome if we had a senior instead of a freshman in that very tough situation. In both men’s and women’s play the six position proved to be critical (like last year in the men’s semifinals) and I wonder if anyone else thought the same. Nonetheless, this years men’s team finished about where they should have as too many injuries made it difficult to be match tough at the critical hour. On the other hand the women’s loss was very painful as we were the one team to beat Stanford and one of two teams to beat Florida; and both were beaten handily. Finally both the men’s and the women’s draws were lame as in the men’s case we should have faced Baylor and in the womens’s case it was unfortunate to meet the defending champs in the first round. in women’s play both Duke and UCLA are top 8 teams and for them to meet in the first round was crazy. As soon as I saw we were slated to meet Duke while Stanford got Clemson, left me feeling ill. I try to go to these tournaments as much as possible, but definitely not every year as I seem to put a hex on our players at critical moments. This year I did not attend so at least this year’s the losses were not my fault. Let’s hope next year in Palo Alto we finish with a flurry. Thanks again.

  9. Vince Says:

    Great effort Bruins!
    Winning the doubles was huge. Reading Barry’s detailed description of what went on and the emotion he communicated to us tells me that the Bruins were tough and prepared, otherwise they would not have come out and beat the #1 team in doubles. They woke Virginia up and put a little fear in them, remember they only lost 1 match all year. The Bruins played them hard and tapped the energy out of them, they had nothing left for the trojans. I was looking forward to squaring up the count with the trojans this year.
    Thanks Bruins for another year of great tennis.
    Thanks Barry and Kallim for the blogs.
    Good luck to all the Bruins in the individuals.

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