Bruins win dubs!!!

Ahhh!!!!! Un-frickin-believable!!! Incredible doubles point and college tennis at it’s best!!! Full house here on the main courts!!

Matt and Abid were amazing; cruising for an 8-2 victory and energizing the Bruin crowd!!! However, while Nick and Amit were down 4-7, Holden and Alex were up 6-4 and a break. As Virginia broke back on 3, Nick and Amit fought back from match point to go into a tiebreak and they won it 7-4 as ct.3 were down 7-8. It was AMAZING!!!!!

Every single guy, all 6, showed incredible heart and the result showed. Coach just told the guys to come out with the same energy as singles just begun a few minutes ago.

Go Bruins!!!!!!

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One Comment on “Bruins win dubs!!!”

  1. Larry Says:

    Better tp go down against #1 than another highly ranked team. Besides you already beat Stanford.

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