Good morning from Athens!

Hello Bruin Nation! It’s Saturday morning and less than 12 hours since our win over Stanford. This morning we had another nice breakfast in our special “Presidents Room” and then quickly gathered our stuff to head to the courts and hit in the morning. Unlike Virginia who had played at the stadium courts already against Duke, Coach wanted to make sure we had a chance to hit at the stadium courts before tomorrow’s 2pm match.

Of course, things are never that smooth as the courts are still wet from last nights rain. However, not to worry as we have a pair of dynamic ghost-buster look alikes to dry the courts (pictured below)!! All I got to say is, don’t mess with these guys!

In other news, just have to mention last nights incredible matches; behind the homecrowd and a chorus of bulldog chants, Georgia pulled offf the upset over Florida in what I heard was an exciting match! And THEN, finishing at 2:30 IN THE MORNING, yes you heard me right, 2:30am, Oklahoma upset #3 Texas in the wee hours of the night. Congrats to Coach John Roddick and the Sooners for advancing to the quarterfinals and defeating their Big12 rival Longhorns in already the first Round of 16!

Anyway, the guys are just here at the courts warming up and getting ready to hit. Here’s a few pictures:

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2 Comments on “Good morning from Athens!”

  1. HS Says:

    Great blogs. I was sitting here in Jerusalem in the middle of night following every thrilling moment. You captured the intensity perfectly. And against Stanfurd
    no less (I’m old school Cal) that made it even better. Go kick some east-coast butt tomorrow. I’d go pray for you, but the last time I did that was for UCLA to win March Madness and you know how that worked out. 🙂

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey, thanks for your kind words and for you support; I really appreciate you reading and supporting the team. Wish us luck tomorrow! We will definitely be giving it our all!

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