It’s MATCHDAY!! (and it’s raining)

UPDATE: It is 11:15am and still NO official word on when or where we are playing. I will let you know as soon as I find out. Check the right-hand side of this page for quick Twitter updates, too.

Good morning from Athens! Well, the Bruins got and had breakfast but unfortunately, it’s completely pouring outside. It’s so disappointing. I mean, we wait the entire YEAR for this moment, this match, and then it doesn’t happen as planned. But that’s sports. And that’s life. Every team is going through the same emotions and adversity that we are going through.

On the bright side, breakfast was delicious, and we had EVERYONE there; coaches, players, and the new arrivals and just the whole team. On the down side, it’s just a waiting game right now; one 9am match is playing at the Indoor courts in Virginia and the other match, get this, is being played at the Racquet Club of the South outside of Atlanta (about 1 hour away). We have no idea at this point what is happening, but from the rain pouring down out my window, my guess is that we may be going to Atlanta too since we are the lower seed in the 12pm matches (Virginia-Duke the other match. But still, nothing is official and we are all playing the waiting game here.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find out. GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “It’s MATCHDAY!! (and it’s raining)”

  1. Larry Says:

    hope you dont have to go indoors.

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