GUEST POST #2: Kallim “The Dream” Returns with his reflections on today’s win

Due to popular demand, Kallim “The Dream” Stewart has returned for another guest blog. Kallim will offer his thoughts–and his engaging sense of humor–for another recap of today’s exciting win over Stanford in the NCAA Round of 16. Without further ado, here is “The Dream”….

Wow. So today we finished our match with Stanford which Barry has probably updated you on by now. The score was 4-2 but it was extremely close and a very well fought match. I’ll leave it to Barry to describe the play-by-play but all I will say is that both teams played extremely well and it was a top-level collegiate tennis match. Regardless, my role as “tournament guest blogger” is to update the Bruin Racketeers on the “color” behind the team’s pursuit of a national championship!

I knew today was going to be a good day when I showed up for breakfast and I received several comments about the blog. Therefore, before I continue I would like to say thank you so much for reading the blog!

During the doubles point in today’s match, I knew we were going to do well when I noticed a group of girls whom I have developed a slight crush on this past week. Yes (you guessed it!!) the Notre Dame Women’s Team showed up for the doubles point and I must congratulate them on looking just as spectacular as the day before. I’m not sure whether they actually came to watch me play or if they simply read the blog but I’m honestly flattered and it certainly helped us win the match. My only regret is that they were unable to witness any spectacular winners or “celebration performances” by yours truly:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

I was not playing in the doubles, which is part of Coach Billy Martin’s master plan of winning the doubles point, but I’m sure the ND girls understand. I can’t do everything and the guys playing the doubles know that they’re taking one for the team by allowing me to sit back and relax. However, I’m sure they could see that I was at the center of the cheering and was extremely spirited.

After the match, we went to Outback (which is Australian for “Billy Martin’s favorite restaurant”) and had a nice team dinner. Now for anyone not acquainted with team dinners they generally consist of Billy, Kris, Grant, and anyone that will probably not be asked to show I.D. sitting on one end of the table, and all the good-looking people sitting on the other side. Tonight, the coaches actually sat at a different table because apparently they wanted to have a more sophisticated discourse than topics such as the “Alaskan King Crab!” and whether or not Kobe Bryant would dominate tennis (of course he would) and also whether or not Lebron James would have good touch in tennis (Brooklyn thinks “the King” would not.)

Anyways, at dinner, a cute waitress started flirting with Holden and the game was on! Now I would love to give you the play-by-play of what actually occurred between the first two minutes we sat down at our table and the last two minutes when we left but for the sake of Barry paying me word-by-word in this blog I will keep it short (just kidding NCAA Compliance! I’m not getting paid!).  Essentially, the second huge victory of the day occurred when Holden got the number of our waitress! Go Bruins!

Now in my last blog I said that I would reveal the name of my favorite television show. However, I shall keep this post short and post it in my next blog.  Please check back later for an updated version!!! On to the shout-outs!

Huge shout out goes to Doug and his friends who came out to support the Bruins and in particular my roommate Amit Inbar by wearing t-shirts with each letter spelling (“A”… “M”… “I”… and “T”) on them.

Also, another shout-out goes to the UCLA Women’s Tennis Team who came out and supported us/ kept me company during the match! I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

And last but certainly not least, all credit goes to Senior Matt Brooklyn for clinching the match at number #3 singles. (in addition to Holden, and Amit, who won in singles and Holden/Alex Brigham, Brooklyn/Haithem Abid for winning doubles… as well as Nick Meister for putting up a great effort, and Steve, Brian, Grant, Barry etc. for taking care of practically everything else. Essentially it was a total team effort!)

Go Bruins!

Peace to All!

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2 Comments on “GUEST POST #2: Kallim “The Dream” Returns with his reflections on today’s win”

  1. Vince Cartusciello Says:

    Barry thanks for the blogs, wish I was there cheering the Bruins on.
    Good Luck against Virginia!
    Kallim keep up your posting, very cool. Glad you recruited the ND girls to root for the Bruins/Bruin.
    Keep everyone focused and good things will happen.

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey Vince! Thanks so much, I really appreciate you reading my blogs and I know the guys appreciate the support. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated tomorrow! Go Bruins!

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