Its Thursday morning here in Athens!

Good morning Bruin fans! It’s Thursday morning, the day before the storm hits! With the Bruins playing Stanford at noon tomorrow in our first match, I’m sure it will be a rather lo-key day so all
the guys are prepared for tomorrow.

Right now most of the guys and myself are at IHOP at breakfast, where we also saw the whole Duke team eating the famous pancakes here. In case you are curious, Nick and I both got the “Harvest Nut n Grain” pancakes…I had never had them before but they were pretty legit, hearty and healthy.

Anyway, we will head back to the hotel and rest before we get our practice session. I’ll keep you updated with the schedule. Go bruins!

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4 Comments on “Its Thursday morning here in Athens!”

  1. ziva inbar Says:

    As I wrote you a few days ago, we keep track of what you write, here in Israel. I read it that AMIT has lost the ID and you helped him find. Wanted to thank you for that you are there for him and those who found the card and return. Very excited about it.
    Thank you. A lot of team success.
    AMIT’S Mom

  2. larry Says:

    Barry —can you give a more realtime score tomorrow. I’m having trouble getting in. Larry

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