Girls lose to Duke; Bruins head to dinner

Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of blogs this afternoon. To be honest, it’s been the most mellow afternoon since we got here. The guys have been resting in hotel all afternoon after their morning practice, hanging and catching up on school I’m sure.

So unfortunately, and a bit suprisingly (by their expectations and seedings) the girls lost today to Duke 😦 we all definitely feel for them. As Holden just told me, “it hurts” they lost because in many respects, we are one big program and an extension of us all. It just goes to show you–and not that we didn’t know already–that you have to be ready to play each match in this tournament because every team is tough (especially Georgia).

Anyway, we are here at dinner joined by Bulldog turned Bruin Doug. I took a few pictures of the guys on the way in our big red van and I’ll take a few pictures at dinner, too.

AND I think we will have a guest post from one of our players later tonight. Stay tuned for all yor Bruin updates!!

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