Bruins ready for mid-afternoon hit

We just landed at the Rec courts on campus as the main courts are being used for the first women’s matches. When we got here, in fact, Duke and are awesome women’s team are warming up here for their noon match, too.

Anyway, as things get busier and closer to our match, I will have less time to write alot but I’ll be posting just as frequently or more I hope with pictures still. Just a heads up.

But yes, here is a picture of our big Georgia red super van, a few pictures d the guys warming up, and Kallim “The Dream” and Captain Meister getting ready for practice.

Also, Kallim just told me a big rumor about some life-changing event that may occur depending on our results tomorrow. I’ll definitely keep you all updated with any newsbreaks on this incredible event.

Also, as an avid follower and fan for the last few years of, it is an honor to be mentioned on their blog! So I want return the favor and give a HUGE thank you to them for their support and for referring to this blog. For the best information on this tournament, their is no better place to check then!

Go bruins!

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One Comment on “Bruins ready for mid-afternoon hit”

  1. Tracy Says:

    That incredible event you mentioned…I’m very eager to hear it now! Don’t forget to stick to your word and tell everyone in a future update. 😉

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