Bruins at dinner in Athens! And some other thoughts…

So we are here at dinner, and it was very good indeed (at least mine was but from the look of the other guys’ plates I think they would agree). Unfortunately, it’s a bit dark in here so the lighting is not too good, but here are a few pictures. Despite “D-Day” coming tomorrow morning, all the guys are really relaxed, especially with Holden and Kallim spitting out jokes left and right! Also, just read the back of one guy’s shirt and it said, “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” How great is that?!? Let’s go Bruins!!

Just as a note, when mentioned this blog from a participants perspective, it really is. All the prep that teams do isn’t glamorous; we all hit, relax, and eat. BUT it is dinners like this and all the weeks unglamorous activities that bring us–and all these teams–together. And then we these teams step out on the court, there is a reason each guy is fighting and yelling for eachother with all heir heart.

And coming right up, Kallim “The Dream” will offer a few thoughts on his NCAA tourney experience so far. Go bruins!

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