NCAA College Tennis Championships=Best sporting event of the year

[NOTE: In my first “2010 NCAA Banquet” blog I said there would be a few pictures but they didn’t post. Sorry about that! I am posting them now, so check out that blog again to see them. Thanks!]

Ok, so I was sitting at the banquet and thinking, how amazing is NCAA college tennis? Is it the best sporting event in the world? Let’s see…Super Bowl? Exciting, but the commercials are better. NBA Finals? Good, but sometimes gets repetitive. MARCH MADNESS? Awesome, true, but not as personal. NCAA tennis, I think, absolutely tops the cake.

After a long day of two practices, breakfast’s with different teams, seeing teams at Georgia fighting for court time, legendary coaches interacting, and some of the country’s best athletes sitting inches away from eachother a few hours ago, this tournament is unprecedented. While the other NCAA championship events might be the same way, when you add the element of college tennis to it, this tournament really is this amazing.

The incredible number of views that this blog has gotten the last two days blows my mind; thank you everyone–from Bruin faithful, to curious rival opponents, and just overall college tennis fanatics–for checking out this blog. It really is a sentiment to how much interest and buzz this tournament generates. You know, the other night I was watching the 2005 NCAA Championship between Baylor and UCLA and it gives me chills. Part of those chills are because seeing our past UCLA greats win the Championship, and really, I can’t find the words. I’m an extremely competitive guy and I can’t help but be driven for experiencing a moment like that (and coming so close the last few years). But the IDEA of seeing college students play a match in front of thousands of people BY THEMSELVES and with their teammates watching them (and not playing with them at times) is unprecedented. Grant and I were talking about this the other night; in no other sport–or event–is so much pressure put on one person alone, with no other teammates to share the pressure (ie. in football or basketball) with their entire team watching and staring and not being in the battle with them. It’s awesome. I can’t wait. After experiencing all the UGA complex and seeing the teams, I can’t wait to cheer on my Bruins on Friday.

Anyway, thanks again for checking out the blog. After seeing all the teams tonight, it just gets me fired up to watch the county’s best players battle it out on the big stage with their fans going crazy and their pride on the line.

So my night recap? Well, just how PUMPED we all are for this thing to begin. For the girls, it does tomorrow. For the guys, we have one more day to dream. College tennis is almost here. Today was our first “real” NCAA day (and have been making sure I have been wearing NCAA compliant clothes of course!) and as I sign off for the night, just a simple “thank you” for visiting the blog. I’ll blog again in the morning when I get the chance. Can’t wait for the tournament to begin but, of course, GO BRUINS!

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