LATE OWL POST: “Good people in Georgia”

Just when you thought the night was over, well, I have one more story to tell! Tonight when we got back from the banquet, Amit could not find his ID; he had taken his Drivers License with him. So of course he checked the cars in case it slid out of him pocket on the way back but no luck. Becky, Amit, and myself drove BACK to the banquet hall and searched the table and the floor while the janitors were cleaning up the place. We talked to one of the guys there and despite being very sympathetic and helpful, we all did not find it.

UNTIL now, Amit just texted me said that someone had found an ID and brought it to our hotel, and telling Matt to give it to who it belongs to. How lucky (and relieving for Amit) is that?!? Amit ended his text telling about the “good people in Georgia.” All I can is I AGREE!! If you are you there, thanks for returning his ID!

Just a great way to end another great day in a great place with great people known as Athens, Georgia! Goodnight to all!

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2 Comments on “LATE OWL POST: “Good people in Georgia””

  1. Tracy Says:

    Wow, what a scare that must have been. At the same time, what great relief at the end for Amit! Thank you to the kind person who did this wonderful deed. 🙂

    Good night, Barry. Hope to read some more wonderful posts from you! This is really an awesome way for fans like myself who can’t attend away events/games to keep in touch. A very hearty thank you to you for doing this!

  2. Emily Says:

    Glad to hear that Amit got his ID back! That is so awesome – we need more people like those around! And I’m wondering – do all the teams stay in the same hotel? Really nice for the person to bring it back to the hotel 🙂

    Thanks for blogging, Barry! I’ve been following every single update and it really helps the fans who aren’t able to make it follow along 🙂 You’re awesome! 😀 Keep up the good work!

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