Good morning from ATHENS! NCAA tourney fever heats up….

GOOD MORNING BRUIN FAITHFUL! It’s Wednesday morning here in Athens, Georgia in whats looks to be a beautiful day! After a good night of rest that I got (and I know the team got as well), we have our first FULL day in Athens. Two days before the matches are really when the tournament heats up and knocks on your head and tells you “I’m HERE!” This is for a couple of reasons; first, breakfast time! Breakfast you are asking? Well, both Bruin teams went to eat breakfast at our hotel, joining the Baylor, Texas, and Tennessee in addition to the the woman’s teams from California and UNC. As soon as you see all the other teams decked out in their school colors, you know it’s the NCAA Tournament. It’s crazy, right? In a matter of days, all these teams will be battling eachother and playing theirs hearts out and each morning get to share the buffet line and politely wait in line while their rival team takes all the bacon strips. Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but not by much! Seeing all the teams definitely gets my competitive juices flowing! Anyway, it was a good hearty breakfast before we hit later this morning.

The second reason and probably a better that that things heat up is because we get to see the “site” today a.k.a. University of Georgia. For the first time, all the teams will get to hit on the courts they will be playing at. As mentioned before, Coach Martin likes to make sure all of his players are acclimated to the surroundings and the courts and today will give all the guy’s a chance to do so.

The third reason why NCAA tourney fever heats up is because today we got our NCAA “player” passes and awesome cool bags, gracious of the NCAA and tournament. I’ve posted what they look like below. But once we get all “NCAA-ed geared up,” we know the matches are right around the corner.

Anyway, just wanted to say good morning from Athens as I’ll do my best to blog throughout the day again and give you my opinion on UGA as well (it will be my first time there too!). Until later, GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “Good morning from ATHENS! NCAA tourney fever heats up….”

  1. LOoks pretty snazy ala Rodeo Rd. in BH. Try the Hall of Fame building

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