Bruins getting a 2nd hit before Banquet

Just a quick update blog with what the Bruins are doing. We left the hotel a little bit ago and just getting a quick 2nd hit with a warmup, hit and probably a little cool down. The guys are a “normal” tired from our first hit but it’s a good tired; they are grooved in and this hit allows them to really “feel” good striking the ball.

To the non-tennis player, this idea of a second practice might seem odd but it’s quite normal; as a player myself back in the day, I would love it when I went back out there after hitting in the morning because every ball I hit felt so natural and smooth. It’s hard to explain except that tennis is a muscle memory and repetition sport and the more you get this “grooved in feeling,” the more you can get used to the conditons, especially somewhere new like Georgia!

Other than that, Grant just left to turn in some rackets to get strung as pictured below. Let me tell you, no one on earth is more efficient than this stuff than Grant! Also want to give a shout out to our awesome trainer Brian; he keeps our guys healthy and tip-top shape and we are lucky to have such a great trainer and fan with us on the trip (I sneaked a picture of him too).

After practice, we will rush back to the hotel and shower and freshen up for the NCAA team banquet put on by the NCAA and host-school UGA. Its awesome because every team–men and women–are in attendance and all dressed up (I’ll definitely be lookin’ snazzy with my black striped tie). It’s so strange to see everyone all dressed up because we are used to seeing eachother in our school clothes and full of sweat. But it should be a great night; usually a tasty dinner and a few speeches from a few people welcoming all the schools and congratulating us on getting here.

Anyway, I’ll of course blog tonight with some pictures and updates from the banquet. Until then, go bruins!

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