At UGA for first time!

Good afternoon from the Magill Tennis Complex at Georgia’s campus. The guys are here hitting for the first time on “site” where they will play as they can visualize and feel out their circumstances on Friday. Speaking of Friday, ironically, their opponent Stanford is hitting right next to us!

It’s exciting to finally be here; other than Abid, it is everyone’s first time at UGA. It really is an awesome place and an incredible facility. I’m so stoked to see this place full of fans! We have all heard how great Georgia is for college tennis as the guys are definitely enthused to finally practice here. I know I was excited on our close drive over to see the legend known as the Magill Tennis Complex. Of course, part of those legendary tales are because of the thousands of fans it attracts so we shall FEEL that part of the folklore soon! Can’t wait!

Anyway, it’s a pretty hot day in Athens; not crazy hot or anything but enough to sweat when walking, though the slight breeze helps. Overall, my phone says 82 degrees but it’s the humidity that makes it feel hotter. Regardless, we are here hitting at the courts for the first time as each time we hit here, the anticipation for the match will grow.

After we will get some lunch and rest up at the hotel. Thanks for stopping by, now, “you stay classy Los Angeles.”

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4 Comments on “At UGA for first time!”

  1. Tyson Stewart Says:

    Not as hot and humid as College Station! Good luck to you guys and Billy, I will be following you thru twitter and the championship site. Go Bruins!

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey Tyson! Thanks for the support and reading the blog. I just told Grant and Billy and they said thanks too. And definitely not as hot as College Station. Thanks for the support, talk to you soon!

  2. Emily Says:

    I think I prefer the humidity or warmness compared to the weather we’re having in Los Angeles! It rained yesterday; can you believe that?!

    Anyway, the guys look fired up! I’ll following your blog + Twitter + the live feed (at the Georgia website?), hehe. Go Bruins! 😀

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