2010 NCAA Team Banquet

Alright, the Bruins have made it the team banquet surrounded by all the other great “Sweet Sixteen” teams both men and woman. It’s really nice so far; the teams in one corner are taking team pictures, our guys are digging into our salads, and to the front the speakers have just start behind a backdrop of a slideshow to be shown later and welcoming us all for being here. Here’s a few pictures from the baquet thus far. The first few are of the room/our table, the slideshow that just started, and the giant tennis ball that we all signed to be given out to fans later. How about that star treatment?! And if you want to follow along at home, the banquet schedule of events!

I will try to keep posting and picture-ing throughout the night.

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2 Comments on “2010 NCAA Team Banquet”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Aww, Barry, the images aren’t showing up!

  2. uclatennis Says:

    Shoot! I forgot to attach them I guess…I’m doing that right now. Thanks!

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