Jimmy Johns, anyone? And our car ride to Athens!

Alright I can’t HELP but blog after we ate some lunch at my all-time favorite sandwich joint called Jimmy Johns. Back in St. Louis, I used to go there daily. The guys really enjoyed it with some going back for seconds! But I digress, it was a satisfying lunch after a satisfying hit.

As I type this, Coach Martin and Coach Kwints are driving us to Athens, cruising the Georgia highways until we get some time to recharge our batteries before our much-anticipated host family dinner with the Bruins. Here’s a picture I am sneaking of the guys resting in the back seats and a band of Bruins in Jimmy Johns! (Boy, I wish we had some in LA!)

Until tonight, go bruins!

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6 Comments on “Jimmy Johns, anyone? And our car ride to Athens!”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Alex knows how to spend his travel time, and Meister looks like he’s enjoying his cruise, too.

  2. d.hour Says:

    We got jimmy john’s in seattle! Now I know where to take you guys during indoors! …this is bad. I’m spending my whole day on this blog!

  3. GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!

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