Bruins getting their first “Georgia” hit

We are here outside of Atlanta after leaving our hotel and re-stuffing out bags after leaving, with sadness, the Ritz. BUT, it’s for the better as the Bruins are getting an afternoon hit–our first in the State–here just right outside of Atlanta. It’s hot, it’s windy, and it’s humid; therefore perfect conditions to get used to! It’s definitely tough out here….the guys are not used to these conditions but that is why we practice. I can guarentee that the other teams not from the SEC are just as unaccustomed as we are.

For me, it’s like a flashback! I played high school tennis in St. Louis, MO (we lost in the State Championship match and yes I won my match at #2 singles, a thank you!) and it was always windy and humid and hot. And then, our courts were really close together all in one area like these GT courts. I know from experience that using the conditions are a part of the game and I know our guys will do a good job getting used to this weather!

After we hit, shower up, ice and all that jazz, I think we will hit the road to Athens. If I’m not mistaken, we have dinner at our host family’s house with our wonderful girls team and my counterpart Becky. I know it will be fun before we hit the asphalt tomorrow. And also, it is so gracious for all the host families to do this for all the NCAA teams so I thank you family in advance!

I’ll blog later tonight with a few pictures! For now, I’ll leave an uneventful practice picture of the biys’ doin’ work. Go bruins!

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5 Comments on “Bruins getting their first “Georgia” hit”

  1. d.hour Says:

    miss these clowns. do work out there boys!

  2. John Bateman Says:

    Bruins, welcome to Georgia! My wife, Jill, and I are looking forward to having y’all and the women’s team over to our house for dinner tonight. See y’all later tonight and good luck! John

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey John! Thanks for the “welcome”! We are extremely excited to be here as well and very much looking forward to meeting you both. Thanks in advance for hosting dinner for both us and the women’s team, it is beyond nice of of you! Thanks for the support and indeed, see you tonight. 🙂

  3. Enjoying your commentary, Barry. And the pictures add a lot. Have fun tonite. Don’t let the weather bother you. It should bother Stanford too! keep the messages coming. Best and good luck, Larry

  4. d-vu Says:

    Stay tough out there Bruins!


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