LATE OWL POST: Packing, packing, and more packing…

Hey everyone, thanks for all the “hits” today on my blog as it was the second highest day ever! After the tide has passed and it has sunk in that we are traveling across the country tomorrow, thought I would post a quick blog about Athens.

First, I want to say we had a great team dinner tonight in Westwood with everyone before part of us leave tomorrow. We all know that tonight is our last night to “celebrate” even though dinner and then rest accounts for a celebration, but a celebration nonetheless with a great dinner in our bellies and for now, a smile on our faces.

Second, it is starting to sink in; I have spent all night packing and getting ready it’s really here. For me and for guys like Nick and Holden whom I came in with, this is our 3rd time around the block. We know the routine but face the urgency in our Junior year. Everyone is ready to go and know that once we land off the plane tomorrow, it’s all business. But for tonight, packing, packing, and more packing. I’ve made some progress personally but still have ways to go! Below is my bag filled with my Bruin gear:

Third, I want to formally thank all of our Bruin supporters who cheered us one today; if it wasn’t for you all, maybe we don’t win that doubles point and who knows from there. Your constant support means a lot to all of us. As I was talking to our 5th year Senior and Captain Haythem from our walk back from dinner, he got so energized with the great crowd we had behind him and it means the world. As we “formally” being our journey to Athens tomorrow, I will try to bring you the most coverage I can between this blog and my Twitter page.

Signing off and saying goodnight, we are OFF TO ATHENS! (as soon as we can stuff all our books and clothes into our trendy black Adidas travel bags). As they say, “Bruins in the Ruins,” eh? LET’S GO! It’s a long road until Friday and as tough as a match and opponent as possible against Stanford, but we will be on our way to give it our best. GO BRUINS!

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