And the Bruins have landed!

And the Bruins from SoCal are down South, wouldn’t ya’ know it?! (in my southern accent). Anyway, after a rather surprisingly fun 4 hour flight, we have finally touched down in Atlanta for now.

So why was this flight so “fun” you may ask? Well, when you have the TV screen on the front seat in front you with in-flight trivia that all of us play together, competing for the highest score, how can it NOT be fun, right? So all of us were in the same section after playing for quite some time, Brian our loyal trainer was the champion with Nick, Alex and Holden and Matt doing well, too. I must say, I placed second and third respectively the final few rounds. Unfortunately, while he may he the most competitive guy here, Coach Kwinta had quite the trouble in tonights trivia! Anyway, a fitting way to start the trip off right, bonding and competing 50,000 miles above land!

So from here, I think we will just get to our hotel so we can all get a good nights rest after a still long day or travel. But you know, a lot of time these trips can be tiring and while everyone is fatigued, the guys are making jokes and cheering th Lakers victory as I type! Regardless, we will get our bags and head our temporary homes for the night. Tomorrow, the work begins.

Until tomorrow, (or maybe a late owl post), go bruins!!

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