Do you have NCAA fever yet? I think I do…

So it’s about midnight, I will be busy all weekend with the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament, which a chance to be gone 11 days in Athens, Georgia. Yeah, if you guessed that I will be missing tons and tons of schools (along with all the players), well, you are right. And so I have promised to work extra hard on these nights before we potentially leave on Monday (if we can get through two tough matches). Unfortunately, I have self-diagnosed myself with a problematic and highly contagious disease called NCAA FEVER. Be careful, you might just catch it!

Quite frankly Bruin fans, it’s here. I can’t study, I can’t watch TV, I can’t STOP eating, and I can’t focus on anything other than the 2010 NCAA Championships. IT IS FINALLY HERE. All of us are living, breathing, and yes, drinking (plenty of water and Gatorade to stay hydrated) tennis right now. I’m so excited for tomorrow match against Sacramento State I can hardly contain myself, and thus decided to blog. Those healthy butterflies that real competitors have and love to have that Coach Martin always talks about before a big match? Well I have them. (And if we get to Athens, I’ll have so many butterflies, I might fly away!)

However, besides my jokes, there is a point to this post in the wee hours of the evening; for those you may of caught NCAA fever I am here to offer a few “cures” to keep you sane during this exciting time:

An awesome interactive bracket from the NCAA in which you can track every team and read every recap:

A great–and informative–blog which will be following the NCAA tournament closely:

Predictions from the community discussing the upcoming tournament: and

AND if you want to take a look at every team’s submitted lineup for the tournament and make your own predictions/analysis, you can go here:

And the official website will have all of our information as well as my Twitter account ( and of course this blog (which can also be accessed at

With these remedies and diversions, you can help the symptoms–but not cure–NCAA fever. Team breakfast in the morning before we get ready to “go to battle” against Sacramento State. Until tomorrow (or today I presume)…GO BRUINS!!!!

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