Calm before the storm…IT’S FINALLY HERE!

Alrighty Bruin fans, the road to a NCAA Championship is *finally* about to begin! Today was the final day of practice before they hit the courts for their 1st Round match against Sacramento State at 12pm tomorrow. Not much to say except it’s finally here. You know, we will all go through this “waiting game” again if we make it to Georgia, as we have Monday until Friday to finally play a match. However, at least next week (if we get there) we be in Georgia and have already advanced two rounds. As of right now, it’s “zero-zero” and there is just so much anticipation and excitement. I can’t wait for it all to begin! As a sports fan, you live for this!

Surprisingly, the guys were all smiles as we were leaving the courts. I mean, it’s exciting, for the old guys who have done it before they know how fun it is to compete out there and for the new guys, for their first chance to do so. We all have to wear “NCAA Compliant” clothes, there are nifty “NCAA Tennis” banners all around and then the hustle and bustle of the other 3 times make it an exciting atmosphere at LATC. So no doubt, things are different than just a regular match at LATC. However, I don’t want to hype it up too much (though I DO have trouble hiding my own excitement!); it helps being in a familiar place and being able to host at home in front your fans and in your own home courts.

Anyway, it’s here. If you are free this weekend, I would encourage you all to come out tomorrow at noon and if we win, at 1pm on Saturday to support your Bruins. As we all prepare for our final team dinner of the season prior to NCAA’s tonight, I’ll leave you with a few pictures, one of the NCAA tennis banner to get you pumped for the weekend and of our faithful captains, Haythem Abid and Nick Meister. GO BRUINS!

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