Late Owl blog! Sorry for the non-blog earlier today….

Hey everyone, sorry that I there was no blog earlier today as I thought I had clicked “publish” but apparently did not; I had written a blog right before the start of practice today and it was sitting in my “drafts” and not published to the web! So I apologize for that!

Anyway, here is my “late owl” blog post of the night (as I am dubbing it right now). After a meeting in the team room around 3pm in which Coach discussed the upcoming weekend and an early scouting report of our first round opponent Sacramento State, the guys headed to the front courts of LATC from 3 to 5. California is scheduled to hit this evening after us as Sacramento State arrives early tomorrow morning (I believe). And basically, after today, all I can say is that the anticipation is building! IT’S ALMOST HERE!

And let me tell you, after a hard working–yet solemn in some regards–week of practice, it was obvious everyone is amped and ready to go. Tomorrow we will cheer on the lady Bruins’ which will be to get our “competitive juices” flowing as Coach Martin always says.

For the staff, we have definitely been busy, too. Coach Martin and Coach Kwinta have been busy analyzing and scouting our opponent. Director of Operations Grant Chen, myself, and fellow manager Daniel Vu were really busy today getting ready for the weekend and hopefully next week. One, we needed to inventory our string and make sure everyone has enough sticks ready to go for this weekend and that we have a enough string to get everyone through; at this stage of the year, we always run low so I took a picture off my right hand man Daniel working hard trying to untangle some string:

Anyway, enough about us! It’s about the players and there performance out there on the court as tomorrow they will groove in their swings a few more times before they begin the quest for an NCAA Championship.ย  The players and the coaches will also gather in the evening for a team dinner just to make sure we are all on the same page, provide a few laughs together and bond before we go to battle the following day. But I’ll let update tomorrow and go from there.

Again, apologize for my incompetence later and as always, I really appreciate you reading my blog and checking in on the Bruins; it means a lot to me and your support means a lot to the Coaches and players. IT’S ALMOST GO TIME soooo GO BRUINS!!!!!

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One Comment on “Late Owl blog! Sorry for the non-blog earlier today….”

  1. Emily Says:

    GO BRUINS! Kick some butt! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice blog, Barry! Loving the updates! ๐Ÿ™‚

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