The countdown is on…T-minus 72 hours!

Good afternoon sports fans! Sorry for the late afternoon blog…it’s been an busy day here at LATC in preparation for the NCAA tournament here this weekend. Now that it is Wednesday, it’s official; NCAA tournament mode for everyone begins. Grant and I spent all day cleaning the team room and preparing for other teams to come in tonight. In addition, we had to make sure our clothes are compliant and the water is sponsored by NCAA sponsor Dasani and things like that. Like I said, the other teams for Regionals will be here starting at 5pm so it’s GAME ON from here!

In terms of practice update, the guys went really hard today again and probably  for the last day as we phase down the time on the court as we have to allocate practice time for the other arriving teams as well as conserve energy. Coach Martin talked to the guys about mentally and physically getting prepared for two tough matches this weekend as we all will make the transition from practice to match mode in the next 72 hours (it will be our first match since USC).

In other news, the NEW LATC locker rooms are DONE! FINISHED! READY TO GO! They officially passed inspection and everyone moved all their stuff into the locker rooms and for the first time, we all were in their getting ready for practice. It has been a dream of Coach Martin’s for the last 5-6 years he said to get new locker rooms for his team and I am happy for him that they were finally able to get finished. I know I am enjoying them!

I’ll leave you with a “sneak peak” into our pre-team meeting our new locker rooms:


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