Monday Update with Locker Room pics!

Hey Bruin fans!! I hope everyone had an awesome Mother’s Day with the family and enjoyed the day hopefully spending with your mom! I know I did (thanks for dinner mom!). With that being said, only 5 days until NCAA’s!

First, as usual, wanted to provide a practice update. The guys did hit on Saturday before the day off tomorrow as it is full steam ahead today. Kallim (“the dream”, as he just told me type in) Stewart and Alex Brigham are behind me taking a break until they start some doubles drills as Nick Meister and Holden Seguso are finishing up some intense cross-court rallies in the back courts as well. However, the UCLA Scholar-Athlete banquet is tonight so everyone will be finishing up soon so they can shower up, look spiffy, and receive their awards; the Men’s tennis team is notorious for performing well on the court AND in the classroom!

As promised, our new locker rooms are getting closer and closer to being done! Despite having a few problems here and there, they look beautiful! We are crossing our fingers that we can use them for the NCAA Regional Rounds this weekend. Here are a few pictures of the locker rooms:

Here is me taking a picture of the new sinks, with our TV to the right of us.

Here, if you walk in and look left, are the closed door bathrooms and the new showers, both which look great.

Lastly, here is the straight ahead view (as you can see Coach Martin checking one of the lockers out). They are a wood finish with keypad entry as you can see on the nearest locker.

Anyway, I’ll check in tomorrow with the Bruins…the NCAA Championships is officially “days away.” GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “Monday Update with Locker Room pics!”

  1. The Bruin Bear Says:

    Letttttttttt’s Gooooooooooooooooo Bruinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns

    Kallim the Dream will perform his masterpiece and most successful hit “Utopia” for the upcoming crowd…
    See ya’ll there

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