Friday afternoon practice update; Abid Davis Cup Update

Hey there sports fans! It’s about 4pm on Friday and things are slow at LATC; the guys are practicing, mostly hitting one on one, and getting used to the heat as my phone says 76 degrees (though Georgia will be much hotter). Regardless, the guys are having another good day of practice before coming back here tomorrow morning for another mid-morning hit. Full steam ahead for NCAA’s!

In other news, I also wanted to give an update on our Senior Captain Haythem Abid’s matches in Davis Cup. Abid is over in Morocco playing for his home country of Tunisia. In their match, they are taking on the country of Benin as Abid won his first match 6-1, 6-0 in singles and 6-3, 6-2  in doubles. Overall, Tunisia won their first round against Benin. You can check the results here:

Also, the locker rooms are almost done at LATC! Tomorrow I’ll take a few pics and blog about our almost-finished locker rooms. Until tomorrow, GO BRUINS!

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