NCAA Individual Selections….we got 3!

Hey everyone, sorry I didn’t blog this yesterday. However, I did want to make sure I get this out before I head to my 10am Comparative Literature class (anyone ever read Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis?, but I digress). The 2010 NCAA INDIVIDUAL SELECTIONS have been released, and I am excited to tell you that our Seniors Matt Brooklyn and Haythem Abid have been selected “at-large” to play singles in the tournament. Unfortunately, our Junior Captain Nick Meister did not get selected, despite having a #71 ranking. It’s unfortunate and I feel for Nick, but I know he will lead our team in the all-important team competition and next year undoubtedly be selected. However, he DID get selected in doubles as Nick Meister and Amit Inbar have been selected “at-large” in the doubles draw.

The NCAA individual tournaments begin Wednesday or Thursday AFTER the team competition (the 26th or 27th). The Individual draws have NOT be released yet–just the selections–but I’ll let you know when it does. Here are the selections via the NCAA:

I’ll blog later today during practice and give everyone an update. Have a good day!

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