The draw is out…now it’s time to get ready!

Alright Bruin fans, it’s been just about 24 hours since we have learned our fate for this years NCAA tournament, culminating in Athens, Georgia. As referred to in my prevous post, we definitely did not get the draw we “wanted,” but when it comes down to it all…it really does not matter. If we get to Georgia, the level is so high it is not about who is more talented, because, heck, everyone is so darn good! It’s about who wants it more, and who does little things better out in the court. That’s why a team like USC, whom we beat twice last year and came in after a weaker season as #9 seed, steamrolls to an NCAA Championship over No. 1 ranked Virgina. They played best down the stretch and that’s really what this tournament is all about.

Anyway, my point being, nobody seems to care about the draw anymore because all of our guys–all but Max have battled in past NCAA’s–know that it is just about how well they play and less about their opponent across the net.

With this in mind, yesterday’s practice was strong. Multiple guys stayed later at practice with an extra “oomph” in their strokes and Nick Meister and Amit Inbar are out putting in some extra hours before practice with Coach Kwinta. So just an update and quick take on the guys’ attitude after the draw. Surprisingly, after much anticipation and matchup scenarioes being discussed everyday for the last week, the team probably talked about the draw for 20 minutes after yesterday and then put it behind them. That’s what we have to do. If we want to win, we have to play the best there is and that extra motivation seems to jazz up the guys in this early stage of their NCAA preparation.

As always, thanks for reading the blog, I appreciate it! More to come this week! GO BRUINS!

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