LIVE 2010 Selection Show Blog!

1:58 pm: Alright tennis fans, the girls and guys team are huddled together and we are all anxiously awaiting for ESPNews to start releasing the draw! I’ll be updating this blog with reactions and releases as fast as I  can type! And as I type, both teams passing a tennis ball in around in preparation!

2:02pm: Oooo the suspense….ESPNews teased us with what is upcoming. Right now they are talking about the UVA lacrosse story, where a player was murdered. Prayers and thought go out to the their family and the UVA program. So far no tennis news as of yet.

2:11pm: Still waiting…a HUGE sigh when another story on the Phillies came up on the screen. As commercial went on, they mentioned it is coming and a few cheers started. Stay tuned!

2:13pm: And we are on! “The Road to Athens, GA begins here!” They are starting with the ladies! Baylor is the first #1 seed. Stanford at #8, and Clemson at #9 for the girls side. Stanford gets a nice draw despite a rather low seed for their 20-1 seed. In addition, the anaylst predicts Stanford to beat Baylor and mentioning their only loss to the UCLA girls!

2:17pm: Michigan girls snags a #4 seed but it’s the tough half of the draw with Cal AND USC together. Tough draw for our Pac-10 teams. Still awaiting the girls’ name to be called. The next quarter of the bracket host #2 UNC with a 26-4 record, UCLA no mention yet.

2:19pm: UCLA IS A #7 SEED! They will take on Army in the first round and most likely ASU in the second round. Cheers around to the girls’ name called. Yasmin Schnack is just called “Schnack-attack” on national TV! Mention how UCLA will be tough, winning the Championship only two years ago.

2:22pm: A sigh of release as one-half of this “watch party” knows their fate. Cindy the ESPN analyst picks Florida to win it all, who UCLA would potentially play in the Semifinals. Remember, UCLA BEAT Florida at the National Indoors this year. GREAT for girls! GUYS COMING UP NEXT!

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