LIVE 2010 Selection Show Blog! pt. 2 (Men’s draw)

Alright, as the girls learned their fate, we are going to learn ours! Stay tuned right here for updates!

2:24pm: As the girls share their experience with us, they seem happy with their draw. The guys and my teammates are all anxiously awaiting our draw. After this commercial, we should be good to go! Thanks for staying here!

2:30pm: Ahh…the guys are going crazy!! They show the insane tasering at the Phillies game..AGAIN! This wait is making everyone more and more nervous! Looks like they are replaying today’s “top stories,” despite tennis being OUR top story! 😉

2:38pm: Here we gooooo!! (finally!) And my heart starts to beat very, very fast….. (before commerical they say it will begin at 2:40)

2:40pm: IT’S ON! 31 automatic qualifyers…. Virginina gets the #1 seed, no surprise here! They will play in the same quarter as #16 Duke.

2:42pm: UCLA RECIEVES A #9 SEED AND WILL HOST SACRAMENTO STATE, CAL, AND UC IRVINE. Our other half of the quarter is against #8 seed Stanford. That’s a tought draw for both of us as we had an extremely tight match when they played. More analysis to follow later.

2:42pm: Ohio State recieves the #4 seed, and plays in the same quarter as #13 Illinois. USC gets the #5 seed, who will play most likely face in the Round of 16 Kentucky on the other quarter of the draw.

2:46pm: Tennessee gets the #2 seed, with Louisville #15 on their quarter of the bracket. Texas A&M at #10 and Baylor at #7, rounding on the draw. Definitely think the top half (our half) is much tougher draw.

2:47pm: The team room is pretty quiet here…Stanford is a tought draw for us, along with Virginia in the Quarters. Finishing the draw, Texas at #3 and Texas Tech at #14. On top of Texas’ bracket, Georgia at #11 and Florida at #6. Bottom half, again, weaker as A WHOLE than the top half. But bracket is “wide open” according to ESPNews. Tennis analyst picks Georgia at home in this side of the draw, despite them having a weaker year than normal.

2:50pm: Analyst picks Virginia to win it all. Wow. Definitely interesting. The guys all are leaving now to get ready for our practice (emotional as it will be after watching all this!) More analysis and updates later throughout the day.

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2 Comments on “LIVE 2010 Selection Show Blog! pt. 2 (Men’s draw)”

  1. Jay Says:

    So nervous!

  2. Tracy Says:

    It looks like I’ll be in for some good tennis next weekend… See you then, Barry!

    Go Bruins!

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