Another Bruin host or no host at all?

That is the big question as the countdown officially begins (in my book at least!) as it is around T-minus 15 hours until the draw comes out! For the first time in, well, forever, we are in jeopardy of NOT hosting the first two NCAA Regional Rounds. I don’t believe that UCLA has ever not been at home, but there is a chance that we go on the road for the first time in our history. With a #9 ranking, nothing is set in stone. It used to be that the “top 16” team according to the final ITA rankings automatically host, but as of last year, the NCAA changed that; for example, #2 ranked Ole Miss and #7 ranked Baylor each traveled for for their first two rounds. The NCAA now also considers the “regionality” and how it affects where schools play, in an effort to keep them all close.

Is there a chance that happens to us this year? Of course, with a few more losses than we have had in years past, that does not help our cause. However, with wins over many ranked team, including #4 USC, I still feel confident going into tomorrow. In addition, after talking with Coach Martin at practice, there are SO many very good NCAA-bound teams in the West area such as Fresno State, Arizona, Boise State, Denver, Pepperdine, Washington, Hawaii, UC Irvine, Cal, they all must have somewhere to go. While Stanford will most likely host for some of the Northern schools such as Washington, Boise State and Cal, the NCAA will need another school in SoCal to host some of these NCAA-bound team other than at the USC site. Therefore, I think it it remains a high probability that we host.

BUT, we never know as Coach Martin has prepared us that we may not host. And regardless, we will ALL find out tomorrow…it’s an anxious time here for us all and can’t to finally stop guessing and start preparing for our first round match. TOMORROW between 2 and 3pm on ESPNews! If you don’t receive ESPNews, don’t fret, I’ll be blogging LIVE from the Team Room with updates as the draw is released.

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